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Our innovative HEMP HEART PROTEIN+ powder contains 74%  protein and has an amazing nutty yet mild taste and white color. It is much creamier and mixes better with liquids than its well known 50% green protein powder and doesn’t contain the insoluble fibre fraction.


Additionally, it is naturally white which ensures great bright colors in shakes when mixed with fresh fruit such as strawberries, raspberries or mango.

Sativa Botanicals 74% Hemp protein is perfect for high performance athletes especially with muscle repair and recovery.


Directions for use

Ideal in a pre or post work-out shake. Add a serving to your favourite meal replacement shake, even include it in your next healthy recipe.


SKU: 0002

    • 100%  C. Sativa (Hemp seeds)

    No artificial colours, preservatives, sweetners or flavours

    All Sativa Botanical food products are prepared and packaged in specialised moisture resistant laminated pouched to preseve freshness.

    Store in a cool dry place or refridgerate to maximise shelf-life.

  • Returned items should be returned in their original product packaging. 

    Items must be returned within 14 days from when you received them.

    Please enclose your original order receipt. The original shipping fees are non-refundable, and the cost incurred on your return shipment is at your expense. However, the cost of shipping exchange items back to you will be covered by Sativa Botanicals.

Disclaimer:  Our products are not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for health conditions.  Please consult with your health practitioner before applying or consuming our products.

All our skin care products are hand made using locally sourced and organic materials when possible.  Below is a list of all ingredients used in the Sativa Botanicals and Good Grass product range. 

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